Child’s Reading + Art Nook: Hometalk Halloween Hunt

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I was recently invited to take part in the Hometalk Halloween Hunt, an event for local bloggers + interior designers thrown by four great local home design businesses: Sweet Clover, The Old Lucketts Store, Chartreuse and Co, and On a Whim.  We met at Sweet Clover on Saturday, October 5th and were provided with delicious sustenance and a map to all of our destinations. They asked us to purchase one item from the four participating shops, then take them all home + put them to creative use.

Here are the items I went home with + where I purchased each piece:

Item 1: Vintage Child’s Rocking Chair from Sweet Clover

Item 2: Vintage Disney Bambi Wall Art from Sweet Clover

Item 3: Vintage Child’s Table + Chairs from On a Whim

Item 4: Pair of Carved Letter “M” Vintage Books from Chartreuse and Co.

Item 5: Vintage Wooden Magazine Rack from Old Lucketts Store

Item 6: Antique Children’s Books from Old Lucketts Store

I decided to create a reading + art nook for my daughter, Maeve. She is turning 3 tomorrow and is fascinated with books and art. I knew the perfect spot for the nook this would be in our sunroom:

Here is the space before–nothing here but our cat :)

After a bit of elbow grease, plus a screwdriver, drill, glue, tape, hammer + a lot of spray paint, here is what I created:

The new Reading + Art Nook for my daughter Maeve!

Here is a little more detail on each element:

I wanted to personalize the rocking chair I found at Sweet Clover for my daughter, so I used two layers of vinyl spray paint. First I sprayed the rocker white, and after that dried, I applied letter + circle stickers to the chairs. Then I sprayed the entire chair hot pink and removed all the stickers, revealing her name and the polka dots! The result is a darling rocking chair, perfect for a spunky three year old girl!

My Daughter’s New Personalized Rocking Chair!

Next, I took the vintage Disney Bambi wall art from Sweet Clover + sprayed it with an acrylic clear coat that added some shine + added a protective seal to the artwork. After they dried, I hung them on the wall with removable Command hooks.

The Vintage Bambi Wall Art In Its New Home

The table and chairs from On a Whim were adorable + at first I had planned to use them as they were, but the paint on the table top was a little too chippy, so I painted the table in pale pink with coordinating hot pink + orange stripes. It is such a sturdy + practical little set! I accessorized the table with the vintage books I purchased at Old Lucketts Store, as well as the pair of carved letter “M” books (for her initials) that I bought at Chartreuse and Co, which I put to use as bookends for the other books.

Maeve’s Table + Chairs with Vintage Books + “M” Bookends!

Lastly, I took the vintage magazine rack I bought at Old Lucketts Store, and re-purposed it as a coloring station for my daughters coloring books and crayons. First I re-glued the loose joints + tightened up the screws, then I spray painted it orange and replaced the drawer handle with a pretty glass knob. I am so happy with how it turned out!

Here is my daughter’s new Coloring Station (a former magazine rack)

The Coloring Station drawer is perfect for crayon storage!

I had such a great time creating this space for my daughter. I had an even better time meeting all the talented people that made this Hometalk Halloween Hunt possible–thank you so much for letting me be a part of the fun!

All the best-



4 Responses to “Child’s Reading + Art Nook: Hometalk Halloween Hunt”

  1. Sarah says:

    I love how you took pieces from each stop along the way to create the reading nook. And you made each of them your own with paint. Such an adorable reading nook!

  2. Michelle H. says:

    Love your transformations. I haven’t heard of vinyl paint…is it in a can? Does it leave a lasting chemical smell? I have a vintage leatherette chair in an avacado green I might consider painting. Thanks for sharing.

    • katiekmack says:

      Hi Michelle!
      The spray paint I used was Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover Paint + Primer. It works perfectly on vinyl–after spraying, I kept the chair out in our garage for a week and it had absolutely no chemical smell when I brought it inside the house–best of luck with your chair! -KKM

  3. I loved your use of my book letters in your daughter’s room. Thanks for dropping by The Robin’s Nest @ Chartreuse.

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